International Performing Arts of America (IPAA)
– A nonprofit Arts Organization continuing Ann Woo legacy

The guiding principle of the organization

Bay Area legend, Ann Woo, had spent her whole life demonstrating her passion for arts and culture,
and had provided a platform to bring diverse ethnic cultural activities into America’s mainstream society.
To accomplish her mission, she taught us through the years to:
  • Provide the best support to the artists, enabling them to fully develop and contribute their talent,
  • Work in solidarity with other culture organizations to bring diverse ethnic cultures into the mainstream,
  • Contribute to the common good, without self-agenda.

We started a new organization, IPAA,  in January 2018.

Around 30 artists and enthusiastic supporters who believe in the importance of cultural diversity and
passionate about performing arts have started to organize, plan and want to continue the positive energy
left to us by Ann Woo.
  • Our management staff have started fund raising to support our start-up cost.
    A large dance space in Saratoga Community Center has been rented to resume our weekly dance practices.
  • We started to support local organizations and artists for their performance needs.
  • We conducted first Annual Performing Arts Festival on 8/26/2018 dedicated to our beloved leader Ann Woo.

Legacy continues

The second annual IPAA festival will be on 10/12/2019 at California Theater lead by

  • Assemblyman Kansen Chu as the Event Chair
  • San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo as the Honorable Chair
  • Dennis Nahat as the Producer.
  • Yang Yang as the executive Director